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Cuz I'm Cool Liek That

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 7, 2014, 9:00 PM
  • Mood: Happy Tears
  • Listening to: Marlon Wayan screaming like a little girl xD
  • Reading: Fruits Basket
  • Watching: Haunted House 2 trailer
  • Playing: on my 3DS
  • Eating: cookies
OMG!! IT HAS A BEEN TOO LONG, WORLD!! (haven't written anything for two years) :iconlonelyplz:

A shout out to all my watchers, friends (both on and offline), and to the random people who are reading this, thinking, "who is this kid?" xD (sorry, im crazy cuz having free pm for a day is driving me insane... don't worry, it wont last long. trust me) 

I wanna thank my watchers and friends.... lol I think they have suffered the most cuz they have to put up with me whenever I do anything crazy. (Hey! I told you I wasn't dead!) xD
I love you all~~! :heart: (even though you dont even know im there, sometimes) 

ok, so while I sit here, typing away random nonsense... (seriously, do people even read this??) :iconfacewallplz: at least I don't think so... :icononionxdplz: 
im just gonna ask a few questions...answer them if you want to.. (if you haven't given up reading this yet) lol, its like a tag-journal, only, i didnt get tagged... Im just asking these questions cuz im bored/curious what other people would say...

i'm a big anime/manga fan (as if u couldn't tell already) but sometimes I don't know what to draw next cuz I like so many things... :iconlenishappyplz: :iconotakuingplz:
usually, I don't have time to draw, but when I do get the chance, i will.
The most i submit a drawing is like, once a month.... (Sorry i did not post anything in March) but i try to stay with my goal.

2) (i'm not sure if people already saw my poll I posted up but...) SHOULD I create an account on facebook and instagram? 
Pfft, i bet im probably one of the few people in the world who don't have an account. Yes? No? Any comments on having accounts would help. xD lol, PERSUADE me and maybe i will...  #foreveralone :icondivaplz:

3) do you think guys playing as female characters is weird? 
Dont misunderstand, i know some guys who play Metroid and thats totally fine. Even I play as guy characters in games like Smash Bros., Zelda, Naruto games, etc... Im not gonna lie, some of my favorite/best fighters i play as, are guys. :iconnosebleednplz: I mean, if the player had a CHOICE to choose to play as a guy or girl in a game... Ex. Pokemon, animal crossing, etc. Those kind of games where they ask you which sex you are at the beginning of the game. 

4) what is your favorite anime series??! XDDD (sorry, i just had to do this) XD
or, if you had a hard time deciding, what are your top 5 fav series? 
Me, i have no idea... I've been watching so many series, that by the time i finish one, i cant remember the one i watched previously. :iconyuicraiplz: 
I guess my favorites are currently ( but in no specific order)... OHSHC, Black Butler, Death Note, Naruto Shippuden/OnePiece (cant decide), and of course, UtaPri XD (yeah, there are probably others that i love, but i forgot while typing this) 

5) (last question) how do YOU get inspired to draw something/what is your inspiration to draw?
Music? food? saw something cool and thought, "i gotta do something like this!"?  Whatever it is, good for you! for me, i honestly do not know. :icondealwithitnplz:XD (thats why im asking! XD) for awhile, i just drew whatever people requested me to draw... Or, for a project... XD 

Um... I dont know any other questions to ask... 
THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO IS STILL READING THIS!! XD (took me forever to decide to choose this journal skin) I was super indecisive cuz I only wanted to write one entry, and it was really hard choosing... :icontuzkiflailplz: (im sorry miku, bassy, misaki, pokemon... maybe next time... But i have no idea when  that might be!!) bye!! :iconhappytearsplz:



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Thanks for visiting my profile! :)
(And for putting up with my randomness)

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